Why Claradent?

We believe that through preventative care and education we can help you to achieve optimal dental health. Our staff is dedicated to delivering the highest quality service and dental care to every one of our patients.

Polish, Clean & Hygiene

Benefits of our hygienist service:
  • 1Maintain a healthy mouth

    Prevention of tooth decay (caries) and erosion.

  • 2Stop bleeding gums

    Prevent gum disease. Prevent adult tooth loss

  • 3Prevent bad breath

    Prevent unpleasant tastes.

  • 4Remove smokers stains

    Remove tea/coffee stains

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Our address:
  • 764-766 Bath Road,
    Cranford, Hounslow,
    TW5 9TY United Kingdom

Contact details:
Phone number:
  • +44 (0) 20 8564 9994